HHC BMTech have led the way in providing effective handicap driving solutions for thousands of Americans.  Now we’ve arrived in the UK.  We have the driving solutions – just one call away.  Find out more below…


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Looking for hand controls for cars, or other handicap car equipment?  Tired of being quoted outrageously high prices?  Sick of outrageously expensive installation fees?  No time to locate, or deal with, a physical mobility dealership store?


You’ve found the right company.


handcontrolsfordisableddrivers.co.uk is the South African based website for the UK-based BMTech.  We offer affordable portable driving solutions for drivers facing a variety of mobility issues.  The option of locating a local mobility dealership which stock the right products for you, paying their higher prices (due to the overheads of having an actual physical store presence) – as well as their installation fees is a problem for many regular people.


Owing to the fact that we have no physical store aside from our warehouse to store and ship our products we can sell our products at incredibly competitive prices.  Not only can we offer value for money, but because all of our equipment is ‘portable’ it can generally be installed and removed within minutes – at no extra cost.  There is no need to pay for costly mechanic installation fees.


Our high quality products (all designed in the USA, and almost all manufactured in the USA), competitive prices, fast shipping and great customer support have allowed us to become one of the most successful online retailers of portable mobility driving equipment.


Our company provides information, assistance and personalized support to help drivers find what’s best for them.  Our warehouse and advanced fulfilment system in Leicester, is able to receive and process orders within a day.  Deliveries take 5-7 business days.



New to mobility equipment?


No problem.  We understand that many of our customers have many questions to ask – so why not book an appointment to find what’s best for you?  We have incredibly knowledgeable handicap car equipment specialists that know and understand the products inside and out.  You needn’t worry about whether a product will be right for you – arrange a consultation to find out what works for you.



Our main product line is our portable car hand controls.  These are offered at very reasonable prices and range from around $300-$400.  Remember that these can be installed by almost anyone assuming they can use their hands and follow the instruction manual provided.  No tools, equipment or knowledge required.


Many drivers who have used hand controls before discover upon purchasing a new vehicle that their old hand controls are not suitable for installation in that new vehicle.  Portable hand controls can be installed in any regular vehicle, by anyone.  There are no problems with removing them and installing them in a new vehicle.


Other drivers have two vehicles and don’t want to purchase two sets of hand controls.  Almost all our portable hand controls are length adjustable – so even if those two vehicles are very different in size there are no problems with installation.


Some drivers are simply looking for cheap hand controls for their car – they can’t fork out the thousands of pounds sometimes asked of them by regular mobility dealerships.  Other drivers live in rural areas where getting the hand controls delivered within days straight to their house is much more convenient than travelling hundreds of miles to a suitable dealership.


Find out more about the great products we offer below…