Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your hand controls designed for?

Anyone who cannot operate the accelerator and brake pedals using their feet but are still able to use their hands.

How strong do you need to be to operate the hand controls?

Any fit or unfit teenager to adult is suitable.  We only receive complaints from people who are 75+ years old and no one under this age has yet contacted us complaining that they are not strong enough.

How long do they take to install?

For first timers it will take around 10-20 minutes.  After you become more experienced installation and removal only takes several minutes.

Who can install the hand controls for me?

Anyone who can reach down to the accelerator and brake pedals as well as being able to read an instruction manual and has fully functioning hands.  No tools or car experience is necessary.

Are these hand controls safe?!

Yes of course.  To this date we’ve not receive a single complaint regarding safety.

How long does it take to learn how to use the hand controls?

For drivers with previous hand controls experience usually just an hour or two is enough.  For people completely new to hand controls several days to a week or so of practice is usually sufficient.

Where can you deliver to?

At the moment we mainly deliver to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland – so the United Kingdom – as well as the European Union.  If you are in the US, Canada or South America please visit

Outside of the UK we charge £30 for shipping, handling and tariffs to various countries – and frequently ship to various European countries.  As long as you have a deliverable address we can almost always deliver to your location.  If you’re unsure as to whether it can be delivered to your home address you can use a work address or an address of a friend or family member.  In the unlikely event that we’re unable to send it to your address or a problem arises we’ll contact you immediately by email or phone.

What are portable handicap hand controls?

Handicap hand controls which are ‘portable’ are a type of disabled driving equipment used by paraplegic drivers (or those who can use one leg) for fully operating the pedals of a car, truck or van via the driver’s hands.

The ‘portable’ aspect refers to the self-install and removal features that allow most portable handicap driving kits to be installed and removed in around 5 minutes. Plus most kits are foldable allowing for easy storage and transportation. They’re also length adjustable allowing them to fit almost all vehicle types (such as low-floored vans, cars and large trucks).

What’s the difference between ‘portable’ and ‘permanent’ handicap hand controls?

Permanent hand controls require a mechanic to install and remove the equipment each time (costs vary depending on installer’s rates). The installation itself requires drilling and car modifications which damage the aesthetic appearance of the car. The removal of permanent hand controls leaves numerous drill holes and scarring on the interior of the car. They’re also significantly more expensive (on average around £500-1000 not including installation).

However, permanent hand controls have the possibility of many more features than portable hand controls. For example they can be electronically or hydraulically powered. Because of the fixed installation they tend to be slightly more stable and have a ‘firmer’ feeling in your hand.