Hand Controls’ Car Installation

Our FS Push Pull Hand Controls for disabled drivers can be installed by anybody who can both reach down to the pedals and has functional hand strength.  Our hand controls arrive with everything needed for operating the accelerator and brake pedals with your hands.  No tools, car knowledge or experience is required.  A mechanic is not required.  Disabled, elderly and paraplegic people are usually all able to install our hand controls in around ten minutes.


To install the hand controls, simply screw the gas and brake pedal clamps (these are at the bottom of the hand controls) onto the pedals.  No tools are required, you simply use your fingers to tighten the bolt screws.  The bolt screws as provided in the kit, along with everything needed for driving using only your hands.  After a little practice time taken for installation can be as little as two minutes


Once the pedal clamps have been tightly secured to both the gas and brake pedal, you loop the steering wheel mount strap over the steering wheel mount and fasten it to the hand controls.  The strap holds the hand controls in position just below the steering wheel – this allows close proximity to the turn signals as well as allowing drivers with large hands to both control the hand controls with the palm of the hands while using the fingers to help operate the steering wheel.


For optimal positioning we recommend adjusting the length of the hand controls (which are adjusted in a similar fashion to length adjustable crutches) so the length reaches up to directly underneath your steering wheel.  However, some drivers prefer free standing hand controls that rest on their laps so installation of the steering wheel mount strap is optional.  The steering wheel strap itself is also length adjustable which allows you to position the hand controls in a position that is most comfortable for you.


Portable Freedom Staff Hand Control

A picture of the FS kit installed in a car. Notice the steering wheel mount strap and pedal clamps for optimal installation. In this picture the hand controls are positioned quite low down – however the strap is length adjustable allowing for positioning closer to the steering wheel.


An instructional manual with precise instructions is provided and should be followed exactly.