Legal which is owned and managed by UK-based BMTech is not responsible or liable for the portable car hand controls and other handicap car equipment for sale.  Local legal requirements for installation of such equipment varies at local and administrative levels and therefore you should consult the appropriate authorities before installation of our equipment to ensure that its installation is legal.


We do not have the information regarding specific local laws and the onus is upon the customer to make sure that the equipment legally sold here can be legally installed upon his/her vehicle.


Furthermore, we are not the manufacturer of the equipment which we sell, and will not be held responsible or liable for any accidents or damages which occur as a result of using said equipment – as unlikely as it may be.  Faults with the equipment are faults which we were not responsible in causing.


Almost none of our customers have ever had any problems using our equipment, no accidents have (yet) been reported and returns are incredibly rare due to the nature of the ‘portable’ equipment which we sell.