Steering Wheel Aids

Most disabled drivers who are using hand controls also find it useful to use additional steering wheel aids (usually called a spinner knob, or steering knob or even ‘suicide’ spinner knob).  This is usually because the driver is using one hand to use their hand controls leaving only one hand to operate the steering wheel.  By using a steering knob they can leverage the steering wheel much easier and turn and control the car/vehicle much better with just one hand.

There’s actually a wide array of steering wheel aids out there and although the majority of people use steering knobs there are many many types of steering wheel attachments which relate to and solved a wide variety of problems that drivers may have.

At this moment in time I’m not selling any steering knobs, however you can check out some very popular products here at Amazon.

The reason I’m not yet stocking and selling steering knobs is because I’ve not actually found any products which are as strong and durable as I’d like.  The samples I’ve looked at were too cheap and flimsy for me to ethically sell it to drivers with a disability.